Month: January 2019

Musings Behind the Curtain

Musings Behind the Curtain

by Jocelyn Cameron

When May gives way to summer-time heat, I never fail to make my entrance. Everyone seems to notice, but no one is clapping. Actually, I’m getting used to it. Sitting in the wings, I watch as others take centre stage. First out, the crocuses and daffodils always turn heads. And how could an audience fail to applaud hyacinths as their unique fragrance adds to their vibrant indigo hues?

I can only dream of looking like them.

Daylilies follow. They surely do melt hearts into fond appreciation, knowing how easily their multiple varieties produce blooms with only a minimum of maintenance. Their breezy countenances bring waves of intrigue into any play’s plot. Thus, these character actors enjoy long careers and steady incomes. Oh, I wish.

Now enter the divas—oriental lilies and tea roses. They require kid-glove treatment for sure, but, oh, the beauty.

These super stars typically steal the show from lesser lights like anemones, sea holly and even Shasta daisies.

And what sets must be on the scene to show off these stars to best advantage? Greens, of course. They include a swelling chorus that introduces each act for maximum impact. Ever notice how junipers and even veronica provide base notes that enhance the floral rhythms? Taller specimens like evergreens and shrubs can belt out a melody heard far above their peers. Herbs, from mint to oregano, lend their fragrance to the proceedings–all in good taste, for sure.

We must not forget, however, those who play roles like me. We provide ground support behind the scenes. You know, those unknowns who provide nourishment to the whole crew. You will seldom notice us because we are mostly invisible—nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, but also mulch and fertilizers.

I must say, though, I do get my fair share of recognition.

16 Taraxacum, Dandelion IMGP3519

As a dandelion, I can qualify as a walk-on. That works for me. Yes, summer always proves to be a major production, directed, of course by the Creator’s loving hand. Who with the right pH would want to pass up any part in an extravagant, blockbuster play like this?