Month: August 2019

Our 2019 Flower Show

Our 2019 Flower Show

IMGP9547As I said in the previous blog post, we were given an inspirational send off as July 22nd week took Chester Garden club and community members to their own and to friends gardens assessing and gathering for the much anticipated annual flower show. Each year our members and community participants have this opportunity to display and view examples of the many beautiful flowers grown in our area.

“The Islands Of Mahone Bay”

This years Theme for our Flower Show and Tea

If you were one of the more than 170 who attended on July 25th, you know just how much there was to take in. The late wet spring had many organizers and participants concerned.

Welcome… click on any picture in a group for a slide show.

20190725_110445The judge and clerks have the first view:

And then the guests:



However, as soon as guests walked in, the georgeous display showed off the available garden gifts and the many talents found in our community.



Many hands are always needed to ensure a smooth day. Pre – planning is a must. Our Vice President and convener Esther ensures this event is on track. She is always seen with her notes. There are bookings to be made, the show schedule to design, the tags and signage to procure, not to mention all those needed to help with set up, kitchen help and donations, serving tea, welcome and ticket sales at door and more.

Every entry was a winner in someone’s eye. The judge, president and guests all have opinions. Trophies are awarded. And this year’s winners are:



The Dudley Lees Trophy: Best in Show – Sheila



Chester Garden Club Trophy: Popular Choice – Joanne Jellett



The Johnson Cup: Best Annual Sweet Peas in Class 5 – Sylvia


The Dena Hennigar Memorial Trophy: Best Wildflower Design in class 54 – Sidney


The MacAlpine Trophy: Best childrens entry (age 9 to 16) awarded to Danika who was not present. Passed president Mrs Peggy McAlpine’s friend reminded all that Chester Garden Club holds a special place for Mrs. McAlpine.


The Rose Barkhouse Painting: Best use of Roses in Section D – Sidney

IMGP9718 (2)

The F.C. Winfrey Memorial Trophy: Best Specimen in Section A&B- Anita

IMGP9736 (2)

The Ruby Pulsiver Award: Best indoor plant in section C – Sheila


The President’s Award: Members only in Class 49 – Joanne



Janet Piers Awatd: Best design incorporating water in class 50 – Myra


The Wilkins Cup: Best Childrens Entry (age 8 & under) Rylan


The McNeill Trophy: Novice Best in Show – Isabel




Thanks to all.

Pictures: Kay, Brian & Brenda

Mahone Bay Islands

Mahone Bay Islands

IMGP9306 (2)


As a lead in to this year’s Chester Garden Club Flower Show, Syd presented a descriptive slide show for garden club members and interested community guests. There are hundreds of islands in the Mahone Bay and we who live here all have our individual views and favourites.





Syd gave us some history, some news about the conservation groups who are working to ensure that some of the treasured islands remain uninhabited and available for enjoyment by all and an overview of many islands near Chester. With pictures and charts he described some of his favourites like Quaker, Meisner’s, Big and Little Fish and others, including Round and Snake, that were part of the upcoming Flower Show schedule which was themed ” The Islands Of Mahone Bay”.





A social time followed giving all those in attendance opportunity for thought, questions and discussion.

Members planning to enter the flower show were inspired to create their designs for this years up coming show.

Thanks Syd .


Gardeners Tour

Gardeners Tour

Click on any picture for a slide show…

Early in the year our president Jayne had a request from another provincial garden club . Many months of planning with the executive and members of Chester Garden Club resulted in a wonderful July 10th Chester area garden tour day for for the 55 + guests who arrived by motor coach from Bible Hill.

Danielle B with Syd, and Bible Hill Guest IMGP9556

On the beautiful Wednesday our guests who arrived in Chester Basin mid morning were joined by Chester Councellor Danielle and District Director Sue. Dainelle guided the tour to Myra’s, the first of four individual members gardens (Myra’s, Claudett’s, Sandy’s and Cynthia’s)



Each of these gardens are special with individual uniqueness in design and plantings.




Thanks to Mr. Risley and Gena, greenhouse manager and staff , the Risley Greenhouse Property was part of the days tour destinations.



IMGP9360The structure, approximately 4500 square ft was constructed for the Risley family apporoimately 15 years ago and is modeled after the formal glass houses at Kew Gardens in England.



The greenhouse is divided into several rooms. Some are dedicated to growing fresh vegetables for the family. Others are dedicated to annuals for transplanting, overwintering bigger planters and tropicals that are dispersed all over the property during the summer. The large center atrium is an oasis of tropical plants.



The greenhouse property boasts a large boarder planted with many trees, shrubs and perennials; gardens with annuals for viewing and cutting, fruits and vegetables wich are harvested for use throughout the year.



The two gardens cared for by a small group of Chester Garden Club members were in pristine condition thanks to those dedicated Garden Club and also Community members.

The trustees of the Cove garden Sheila and Carol provided background information and answered many questions.




Even the walking distances didn’t leave anyone dissapointed. Those who stayed behind enjoyed the parade gardens and ocean scenery.





Following the tour an attractive and delicious buffett supper was enjoyed by Bible Hill Guests and the volunteer committees.

A Wonderful Day for all.