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“Cool” Gardener’s Sale

“Cool” Gardener’s Sale



The late spring and absence of the usual apple blossoms didn’t slow down members preparations for the annual Chester Gardener’s Sale held on May 25th at the old train station.




Our clubs annual fund-raising gardener’s sale, with proceeds going to Club activities and two garden parks in the village attracted the usual faithful group of full time residents and seasonal visitors alike who enjoy finding special treasures.


Jayne and artist Maria Kuttner (2)


On display, a raffle (the draw will be at the annual meeting in the fall) this year, was our gift from friend and artist Maria Kuttner. Maria has kindly donated her rendition of our annual event. Along with greeting cards this will help raise funds for our clubs annual commitments.





Featured again this year were a wide variety of perennials from members gardens along with many plants and accessories for the garden brought in by commercial vendors. Other surprise items, providing more variety were “gently used” garden tools ready for sharpening at “the Blade Runner” who was on site and a wide variety of gardening books.





Marion’s “coffee and muffins” were a warm-me-up addition on the sunny, cool day, a welcome change from the frequent wet weather during May.





Now that this once-a-year sale is over, the countdown is on for at home gardening, community gardening, garden tours, flowers shows and summer gatherings.

Flower Show Challenge

Flower Show Challenge


Chester Garden Club’s  Flower Show  “ Lest We Forget” A Floral Tribute will be held the 26th of July at the Chester Legion Hall. 

Expectations are high for those who participate in our annual, well attended, flower show. For several years, Myra has encouraged and helped us all to enter. The syllabus (entry guide) often has included a new design that we have received instruction and guidance from Myra. 


The parallel and the crescent designs have been included in the past two years and this years guide has included a “Duo Design”.

On Monday, May 21st, at our regular meeting time Myra, with two/four beautiful examples explained this newest challenge and again expressed her support and encouragement.

A Duo Design: ( A two sided design in one container or appearing to be in one container. Each side is different from the other and each is exhibited in a separate class)for example: “ Spring/Fall”, “ Night/Day


Thoughts are on plantings to have colours not only for our gardens but also for our flower show designs.

Check out Chester Garden Clubs annual plant sale at the old train Station, Hwy #3 Chester, this coming Saturday, May 26th , 9am until noon.

Are you Winter-Weary ?

Are you Winter-Weary ?


In March the winter-weary world begins to awaken from its long rest. Now the remnants of winter are washed away by what is often to referred to as the “tides of March”.



In every pond, lake, river and stream, the water that was frozen a month ago begins to thaw and flow again. In our gardens frost rises to the surface and the earth ooses underfoot. In every tree and shrub, that vital fluid known as sap begins to rise, and as a result, buds begin to swell. We don’t see or hear sap rising but it’s there. In small plant growth or a towering tree, leaves, color and syrup are being produced.


It is a time of observation, preparation and anticipation as we look forward to another gardening season.

For our garden club, March is also a time to end our winter break and begin regular meetings. Watch for news under the categories: Current Activities, Annual Gardeners Sale, & Annual Flower Show and Tea. There will be many opportunities to learn, support and participate, enjoying varied garden club activities.



Gardeners Sale

Gardeners Sale

What a sight – on the site of the Chester Train Station (Tourist Bureau) –  as Chester Garden Club members and others gathered on Saturday May 28th for the Annual Gardeners Sale.

May 28th CGG Gardeners Sale IMGP2006
Flowering crab-apple trees provided a colourful welcome.

Garden Club members had potted and donated many special plants, along with gardening books and tools, for the sale.  Muffins and coffee were also available and enjoyed by those volunteering, browsing and buying .

Each year those attending are treated to familiar and new vendors with a large variety of  plants and related treasures to take home.

28 May (4) SD
Jane C’s watchful eye …

The sale, as usual, proved to be a wonderful “meet and greet” occasion as well as an opportunity to pick up some real bargains. The organizers are very grateful to all the members who volunteered their time and efforts into making the sale such a success. The proceeds will provide the Club with funds to assist in the maintenance of two public garden spaces in the village.


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Spring Sale Draws the Gardening Crowd

Spring Sale Draws the Gardening Crowd

apple tree blossomsWith springtime temperatures that have
occasionally ventured up into summer levels, trees and shrubs in the Chester region have been pushing their spring growth with surprising vigor.  Perhaps it was that bountiful display of blossoms (like those of the ornamental crabapple tree on the right) that induced  visitors to come out to the garden club’s annual sale of garden-related items.

At 8 AM, as vendors and club members were setting up their floral wares on tables aligned along the drive, others were busy  gathering a motley collection of  “gently used” tools and accessories for sale beside the verandah of the old train station. Trains haven’t been seen in this part of the province for about 20 years and the station itself is now owned by the Chester Municipal Heritage Society. The building houses the municipal Information Centre, along with an art gallery that displays the work of local artists, and other exhibits of historical or cultural significance.

Under cloudy skies,  customers and vendors alike enjoyed a pleasant morning in comfortable temperatures, pleased that the rain that had been forecast did not materialize. 

The sale ran until noon and, by mid-morning, some of the sellers were ready to find a convenient spot to rest while chatting with visitors.  

In addition to a wide variety of perennials from members’ gardens, and the shrubs, trees, herbs and annuals offered by commercial nurseries, there were young entrepreneurs like the girls in the next photo who were promoting their family’s free-range egg business and also raising funds for the local food bank.

As for the blossoms mentioned earlier, the perfume of some plants in the last week has been almost overwhelming.  The lilac below  (Syringa vul., President Grevy) surprises passers-by with a beautiful scent as they approach the arbour from the steps below.  The second set of photos show a border of smaller shrubs ( Daphne x Burkwoodii, Carol Mackie)  that provide a strong lily-like fragrance to anyone approaching the garden along a flagstone path.

daphne bushes