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Tools Laid Aside for a Summer Party

Tools Laid Aside for a Summer Party

It was a hot and muggy day so gardeners were pleased to be able to exchange their spades and secateurs for a cold glass and a plate of luncheon treats at the Chester Garden Club’s annual summer party.

The potluck operation meant that a variety of delicious plates were on offer, once the wrappings came off.  Jeannie and Brenda perform a hand-off (above) while hostess Esther tucks in another plate  behind the centrepiece.  Below, a final survey shows that all is ready except for a few more dishes that still need unwrapping!

Having learned a new technique at a recent NSAGC District meeting, it was Jocelyn who created the striking edible centrepiece for the buffet table.  Alex played bartender as the party got underway.

Even Willie, offspring of a champion English Springer Spaniel, enjoyed socializing on the deck.  The photo below captures not only one of our cherished Life Members, Maggie,  in conversation with Myra, but also a reflection in the window  of  photographer Kay herself.
Of course, there were those who preferred to stay inside, close to the refreshments.

Refreshments included a “champagne” toast to mark a significant anniversary.

And now,  having presented a partial review of the event, it looks as though we have had a garden party sans fleurs.  So, the following photos of oriental lilies (grown locally, but in another garden) may add just the finishing touch.

Thanks to Kay, Herb and Robert for the photos.