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Spring Sale Draws the Gardening Crowd

Spring Sale Draws the Gardening Crowd

apple tree blossomsWith springtime temperatures that have
occasionally ventured up into summer levels, trees and shrubs in the Chester region have been pushing their spring growth with surprising vigor.  Perhaps it was that bountiful display of blossoms (like those of the ornamental crabapple tree on the right) that induced  visitors to come out to the garden club’s annual sale of garden-related items.

At 8 AM, as vendors and club members were setting up their floral wares on tables aligned along the drive, others were busy  gathering a motley collection of  “gently used” tools and accessories for sale beside the verandah of the old train station. Trains haven’t been seen in this part of the province for about 20 years and the station itself is now owned by the Chester Municipal Heritage Society. The building houses the municipal Information Centre, along with an art gallery that displays the work of local artists, and other exhibits of historical or cultural significance.

Under cloudy skies,  customers and vendors alike enjoyed a pleasant morning in comfortable temperatures, pleased that the rain that had been forecast did not materialize. 

The sale ran until noon and, by mid-morning, some of the sellers were ready to find a convenient spot to rest while chatting with visitors.  

In addition to a wide variety of perennials from members’ gardens, and the shrubs, trees, herbs and annuals offered by commercial nurseries, there were young entrepreneurs like the girls in the next photo who were promoting their family’s free-range egg business and also raising funds for the local food bank.

As for the blossoms mentioned earlier, the perfume of some plants in the last week has been almost overwhelming.  The lilac below  (Syringa vul., President Grevy) surprises passers-by with a beautiful scent as they approach the arbour from the steps below.  The second set of photos show a border of smaller shrubs ( Daphne x Burkwoodii, Carol Mackie)  that provide a strong lily-like fragrance to anyone approaching the garden along a flagstone path.

daphne bushes