Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses

The Gingerbread House competition in Chester drew a record 18 entries this year, with stiff competition coming from young and old alike. Organized by the the Chester Merchants Association, in collaboration with the Municipality,  the competition produced an amazing collection of edible masterpieces. 

Child's entry - Christmas in Egypt

To enter the contest, contestants had to ensure that every item in the construction was made of an edible substance. Creative minds incorporated everything from jellied candies to pretzel sticks along with the standard sugar confections. 

A sweet-tooth bakery
A seasonal scene with a creche by a church
This elaborate house is titled "Chez Gigi, partie deux"

The above photos are just a sampling of the many charming creations that contributed to this enjoyable fund-raiser instituted to help provide young people in the community with the opportunity to particpate in local sports and arts programs. A few of the contestants are also gardeners and have perhaps honed their talents by competing in the Chester Garden Club’s annual Flower Show.

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