It’s November and …

It’s November and …

It’s November and, although we have had two heavy frosts and it is cool now, up until a few days ago gardeners have been amazed by the warm temperatures here in the Chester and surrounding area.

The following are few pictures that were taken during the last couple of weeks, some as late as the 10th of November.

Summer pots still showing off.

The last of the fragile produce, only greens left in the vegetable garden.

Winter arrangements in the near future.

11 Nov 2nd IMGP6222

We can now continue preparation for winter in our gardens, enjoy the birds as they make ready for winter and settle in with a good gardening resource for next springs plans. Fall temperatures have arrived.


Thanks to Kay B. and Brenda H. for the photo’s.





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  1. What are those tomatoes? I wanted to grow white tomatoes, but was told that they were quite bland. I would like to think of them as ‘mild’. I do not know either way because I have not grown any yet.

    1. Thanks for your comments and question. The tomato is “Queen” and is sweet and delicious. The bowl contains Ground Cherries (Cape Gooseberries) a tasty treat. We are in zone 6a and these ripen better some years than others, depending on the length of our growing season.

      1. Queen? Like the rock group from . . . oh, I forgot. Anyway, I am not familiar with that one. I only looked at a few once I realized that I would not be getting any. No one seems to grow the white ones here. There are all sorts of other, but no white ones.
        Do you find that it has a mild flavor, aside from the sweetness? I mean, is it as mild as the big yellow tomatoes? I do like the common red tomatoes because they taste the most like tomatoes.
        I thought that the ground cherries were white tomatoes too. I did not recognize them. We will be growing some of those, but I do not know what variety. They will be my first! I have never grown them before.

  2. Queens are a yellow tomato with a slightly different and milder taste than the red tomatoes usually grown in NS. I hope you have success with the ground cherries.

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