Early Spring Blooms

Early Spring Blooms

An Arctic high, sweeping down over our region for the last Golden crocuses few weeks,  continues to affect our temperatures this Spring.  Despite the cold, a number of early bloomers are adding their bright colours to Chester gardens.  On the right, a mass of golden crocuses is nestled at the foot of a rose trellis as a harbinger of what’s to come.

purple crocuses

mauve crocuses

Whether open or closed , these beautiful mauve crocuses, crowded together, add a cheery note to an early spring garden.
Iris reticulata

Broadening the colour range, the next plants to appear in a sunny sheltered Chester garden are the Iris reticulata (on the right). The heavenly blue flowers are not very tall but immensely popular, especially when many neighbouring gardens are without any colour at all. Puschkinia

Another blue favourite in the spring season is the Puschkinia (left). It is sometimes known by its common name of  Striped Squill.

The Hyacinths on the right, make their first appearance as a tightly closed flower bud,  resembling the top of a choir boy’s head surrounded by a stiffly starched wing collar.

more yellow crocuses

All of the photos in this post were taken in Jane’s Chester garden, but for those whose gardens don’t produce the same results so early in the season, there is an alternative.  And, yes, this suggestion also comes from Jane.  Below is a photo of her indoor Spring garden.


Thanks to Sylvia for the photos in this post taken on April 2nd.

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  1. Absolutely lovely. What a beautiful indoor garden! All I have had indoors is forsythia, Dawn viburnum, a couple of witchhazels and some very late amaryllis

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