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Our 2019 Flower Show

Our 2019 Flower Show

IMGP9547As I said in the previous blog post, we were given an inspirational send off as July 22nd week took Chester Garden club and community members to their own and to friends gardens assessing and gathering for the much anticipated annual flower show. Each year our members and community participants have this opportunity to display and view examples of the many beautiful flowers grown in our area.

“The Islands Of Mahone Bay”

This years Theme for our Flower Show and Tea

If you were one of the more than 170 who attended on July 25th, you know just how much there was to take in. The late wet spring had many organizers and participants concerned.

Welcome… click on any picture in a group for a slide show.

20190725_110445The judge and clerks have the first view:

And then the guests:



However, as soon as guests walked in, the georgeous display showed off the available garden gifts and the many talents found in our community.



Many hands are always needed to ensure a smooth day. Pre – planning is a must. Our Vice President and convener Esther ensures this event is on track. She is always seen with her notes. There are bookings to be made, the show schedule to design, the tags and signage to procure, not to mention all those needed to help with set up, kitchen help and donations, serving tea, welcome and ticket sales at door and more.

Every entry was a winner in someone’s eye. The judge, president and guests all have opinions. Trophies are awarded. And this year’s winners are:



The Dudley Lees Trophy: Best in Show – Sheila



Chester Garden Club Trophy: Popular Choice – Joanne Jellett



The Johnson Cup: Best Annual Sweet Peas in Class 5 – Sylvia


The Dena Hennigar Memorial Trophy: Best Wildflower Design in class 54 – Sidney


The MacAlpine Trophy: Best childrens entry (age 9 to 16) awarded to Danika who was not present. Passed president Mrs Peggy McAlpine’s friend reminded all that Chester Garden Club holds a special place for Mrs. McAlpine.


The Rose Barkhouse Painting: Best use of Roses in Section D – Sidney

IMGP9718 (2)

The F.C. Winfrey Memorial Trophy: Best Specimen in Section A&B- Anita

IMGP9736 (2)

The Ruby Pulsiver Award: Best indoor plant in section C – Sheila


The President’s Award: Members only in Class 49 – Joanne



Janet Piers Awatd: Best design incorporating water in class 50 – Myra


The Wilkins Cup: Best Childrens Entry (age 8 & under) Rylan


The McNeill Trophy: Novice Best in Show – Isabel




Thanks to all.

Pictures: Kay, Brian & Brenda

Reflections of “Lest We Forget”

Reflections of “Lest We Forget”

IMG_6739 smaller

“Lest We Forget “


Flower Shows begin long before the scheduled date. Many gardeners begin by planting very early in order to have a plant in bloom for a show day specimen and / or planned design.


Encouragement and reminders were presented to members and guests at our regular July meeting.


2018 07 23_Theo planning his arrangement of veggies from the garden.101808
Esther’s grandson Theo planning his entry.

It takes so much thought and planning.

Each year members and community participants combine there abilities to bring everything together to produce a beautiful display. There is a schedule to prepare, a judge needed, trophy’s to polish, tea and sweets to plan and prepare, servers, set up and clean up crews. And most important “Flowers Flowers Flowers” to prepare.



There are “Welcome” flowers and welcome from members.



This year, being the anniversary of the end of the first world war, our show was entitled “Lest We Forget”. The schedule design titles were reminders to all of events during times of conflict. The legion was tastefully decorated with military and war memorabilia.


Shirley helps

Members helped as entries arrived and were placed.



The floral arrangements and specimens were especially stunning and entries showed skill in conditioning and preparation during the hot humid weather.


2018 07 26_Carol, Brenda & Pam help our Judge Jana 105634Carol, Pam and Brenda assisted Jana our judge.


Everyone is interested in the childrens entries.


Happy faces were seen everywhere from our youngest entrants and viewers, our guests form Shoreham Village and Bonny Lea Farm, those who would never miss and those who came for the first time.


We were thrilled to have our presidents mother,102 year old Margaret Harris and former president, Peggy McAlpine in attendance. Both ladies expressed their pleasure in viewing the show and meeting not only members but many from the community.



Tea Time.



The Silent Auction helps with Garden Club Community Projects.



A look at the winners from the show. Congratulations.

Thanks to Kay, Esther, Jayne, Katie & Brenda for the photos.

Flower Show Challenge

Flower Show Challenge


Chester Garden Club’s  Flower Show  “ Lest We Forget” A Floral Tribute will be held the 26th of July at the Chester Legion Hall. 

Expectations are high for those who participate in our annual, well attended, flower show. For several years, Myra has encouraged and helped us all to enter. The syllabus (entry guide) often has included a new design that we have received instruction and guidance from Myra. 


The parallel and the crescent designs have been included in the past two years and this years guide has included a “Duo Design”.

On Monday, May 21st, at our regular meeting time Myra, with two/four beautiful examples explained this newest challenge and again expressed her support and encouragement.

A Duo Design: ( A two sided design in one container or appearing to be in one container. Each side is different from the other and each is exhibited in a separate class)for example: “ Spring/Fall”, “ Night/Day


Thoughts are on plantings to have colours not only for our gardens but also for our flower show designs.

Check out Chester Garden Clubs annual plant sale at the old train Station, Hwy #3 Chester, this coming Saturday, May 26th , 9am until noon.

Are you Winter-Weary ?

Are you Winter-Weary ?


In March the winter-weary world begins to awaken from its long rest. Now the remnants of winter are washed away by what is often to referred to as the “tides of March”.



In every pond, lake, river and stream, the water that was frozen a month ago begins to thaw and flow again. In our gardens frost rises to the surface and the earth ooses underfoot. In every tree and shrub, that vital fluid known as sap begins to rise, and as a result, buds begin to swell. We don’t see or hear sap rising but it’s there. In small plant growth or a towering tree, leaves, color and syrup are being produced.


It is a time of observation, preparation and anticipation as we look forward to another gardening season.

For our garden club, March is also a time to end our winter break and begin regular meetings. Watch for news under the categories: Current Activities, Annual Gardeners Sale, & Annual Flower Show and Tea. There will be many opportunities to learn, support and participate, enjoying varied garden club activities.



150th Celebration with Flowers

150th Celebration with Flowers

Gardeners and plant lovers are by nature generous, sharing people, quick to offer bouquets, cuttings, seeds and bits of wisdom gleaned from digging in the soil and nurturing plants. Whether celebrating successes or pondering near successes, they are as optimistic as and endearing as their gardens.

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Ready for the Flower Show

Ready for the Flower Show

Flower shows are fun, worthwhile activities for everyone, providing opportunities to display and view examples of the many beautiful flowers and plants grown in our area and shown as specimens or in beautiful floral designs. Each year, Chester Garden Club Flower Show committee organizes the annual flower show, ensuring opportunities for all members to assist and including members and community of all ages. The Show Schedule provides all of the details needed to prepare and stage exhibits for entry, including Entry Classes, Show Rules, Show Tips, Definitions and a summary of Trophies and Awards. Judging is done by NSAGC Judges whose decisions are final.

The team has been working together for many months. The theme, schedule, tags, ribbons, venue, tables and staging plans, tea, sandwiches and sweets are some of the details that have been finalized.

On Monday, at our July 17th meeting we were treated to information and demonstrations to help with this year’s schedule. Thank you to Nancy, Sidney, Jane, Jocelyn and Myra.


We are looking forward to our flower show, “Celebrating Canada 150” on July 27th, 1:30 to 5 pm., a show that breaks gardening boundaries and blends tradition with unexpected innovative design.

New Designs

New Designs

On Monday, October 17th, Myra skillfully presented a workshop on the Crescent Design to members of Chester Garden Club. Preparation of container, oasis and already conditioned and prepared plant material was explained to all as some anxiously, some impatiently, waited to begin.

Myra challenged and assissted as we produced our design that followed the basic form while she also encouraged individual creativity.

The beautiful results were unique to each arranger, each meeting the design requirement.

If participant smiles of achievement and results are any indication of future competition in the Chester Garden Club Flower Show, especially the Crescent Design Class, we can all look forward to many stunning entries.

Flower Show Success

Flower Show Success

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”… Keeping this in our spirits, on July 21st members and friends of Chester Garden Club presented their Annual Flower Show.

The event was planned and organised by several committees over many months and members were treated to a refresher earlier in the week, resulting in a beautiful show and delightful tea. 

After the designs and specimens were placed, there was no looking back. Following careful judging, people of all age groups came in large numbers to see nature’s beauty and enjoy afternoon tea.

The beauty and smell of roses, the eye catching tea cups, modern mass, parallel and pave’ arrangements by members, children, and community members were just perfect for all of us to see what nature holds for us.

Looking at the beautiful arrangements and inside plants I could only say that if you think sailing or golf are competitive activities, try flower arranging. All the participants had arranged for various varieties of flowers following the challenging Syllabus . The flower show and afternoon tea was a hit.


The ribbons and trophies were placed as directed by the judges, who had a tough time selecting the days winners.

It was a perfect sunny “HOT” afternoon, that all enjoyed.

Flower Show and Tea: post-script

Flower Show and Tea: post-script

Now that we’re half-way through August, a new wave of perennials is blooming (hello, Daylilies!), and Chester gardens are changing from early summer’s pinks and blues to late summer’s yellows and oranges. Memories of the Club’s  Flower Show and Tea tend to fade with time but the urge to create our own own designs has not gone away. Perhaps the photos in this second post, showing more highlights of the event, may serve as a wee reminder of some of the arrangements seen at this year’s show and perhaps they will spur viewers on to trying something new.


Flower Show and Tea – 2015 Edition

Flower Show and Tea – 2015 Edition

Despite several days of rain that flattened a few choice blooms just before the event, exhibitors managed to come up with their usual stunning displays for Chester Garden Club’s traditional Flower Show and Tea.  This year’s show, held at the end of July,  inspired exhibitors to be particularly creative in interpreting the theme – The World Around Us.  One of those exhibitors is an inspiration for the rest of us: young Lila entered her creation in an adult design class and, after the votes were counted, she had won the popular People’s Choice award, the first time it has gone to a junior exhibitor.

Winner of the Popular Choice award, eleven-year-old Lila also took home first prize in the children's
Eleven-year-old Lila not only took home a first prize in the Children’s Design Class but also won  the Popular Choice award for her entry Elegance.

Some of the volunteers who made the show a success are pictured in the gallery below.

The following gallery includes a few of the prize-winners who collected ribbons or trophies at the Show, along with examples of the many lovely arrangements entered in the design categories.  A future post will show additional winners and arrangements, along with a few exhibits in the horticultural competition.