Painting Nature

Painting Nature


We gardeners have all admired the art of those who choose nature as their subject. We are keenly aware that nature influences many art forms including painting, floral art & needle stitchery.

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We see artists in gardens, on the sea shore, along rivers, in parks and other outdoor spaces. Some painters paint from a scene, some from a thought and some paint from a photograph.





Is there a difference for Botanical artists ?

In May, our Chester Garden Club guest speaker, highly respected and experienced artist and teacher, Margaret Best, presented members and guests a view of the Botanical Artist and Art.





Explaining that botanical art is an observational art form and a fundamental requirement is for artists who are guided by science to have a passion for plants. She took us on a historical journey of the history of the artists and transition of this art.





During social time many members and guests were in discussion and were fielding questions to Margaret. Chester Art Centre may have some additional students for her future classes.

A gift to Margaret was a Siberian Iris, which is a favourite of botanical artists. It is the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Club plant this year . Siberian “ White Swirl”

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