Artisans at Work

Artisans at Work

The club’s October meeting brought forth a number of members eager to try their hand at creating decorative garden stones under the tutelage of fellow member Sharon Boyd.

Sharon had set out buckets of pre-measured special sand/cement mix as well as the appropriate amount of water for use in mixing the cement, along with assorted bins of coloured glass, stones and broken crockery to use in creating a decorative pattern on the surface of the stone. 
Working in pairs, the members began stirring in the ingredients until the mixture was about the consistency of moist cookie dough. 
Some containers were larger than others but the amount of cement was carefully measured out in the same proportions for the second partner of each pair.

 Stirring the mixture required a fair amount of strength but many hands make light work!

 Once the mixture was ready, it was poured into the various moulds that members had brought.

Then it was on to decorating. The bone-shaped mould on the left holds a stone that is dedicated to a favourite dog. The one on the right used sea glass to pay homage to Nova Scotia’s ocean heritage.
Soon the rubber gloves were off and creative enthusiasm took over the group as they patted glass, beads and shells into place, and mopped up any excess moisture. 
The motifs and styles varied widely with many members opting for simple geometric or abstract patterns but one member who had planned ahead created a lovely floral scene, which seems most appropriate for a gardener.
Once the moulds were all filled and decorated, they were lined up to cure overnight, and the table bore a remarkable resemblance to a bake table at a local bazaar.  Participants left the meeting that evening feeling quite happy with what they had learned and, the next day, they returned to claim their masterpieces. Each decorative stone was easily removed from its mould and each has found a place in a local garden.

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