Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, the pumpkins are marshaled outside many plant nurseries and roadside stands in the Chester area. A few frosty nights have finished off all but the most hardy garden plants and this year’s autumn leaves have been more subtle than vibrant in colour.

Fortunately, many gardeners can depend on ornamental grasses to add texture and movement to their gardens.

The reliable sedum “Autumn Joy” brings much-appreciated colour with its burgundy flower heads and succulent green leaves.  

A tall clump of feathery ornamental grass has turned from its summery green to a soft wheat colour as autumn temperatures work their artistic changes.

In a sunny spot, we came across an assortment of chrysanthemums, in varied hues, mixed with corn sheaves, pumpkins and even a healthy hibiscus. For those of us who feel a sense of loss when summer departs, such a display cheers the heart and reminds us to enjoy the bounty of a good harvest and the colours of autumn.

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